Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

Well, it appears we are going to get that blizzard they predicted after all. I probably angered Mother Nature this morning when I casually mentioned I wasn't 'impressed' by the blizzard thus far. What a difference three hours makes! White out conditions, the snow is piling up outside.

I had half a thought to go to Prospect Park to go sledding with the kids. However, I realize there is a distinct disconnect between the image in my mind of how that would go (think Norman Rockwell painting, apple cheeked, happy children playing in the snow followed by steaming mugs of hot cocoa) and the reality of what would actually happen if we were to trek out there in the snow.

HERE'S what would really transpire: 30 minutes by foot and subway to get there, followed by someone crying on the way (could be Oliver, could be Julia, could be Mama, it's a crapshoot and anyone's guess). More than likely the blowing snow would send Oliver and Julia into hysterics, as the 15 minute foray we made into the outside world this morning felt like thousands of tiny needles stinging cheeks and eyes. We might sled down the hill once, MAYBE twice if we were lucky. And THEN I would have a 30 minute trek home with two soaking wet kids. Snow days were a lot more fun when I was a student, or even when I was a teacher. Now it just feels like a lot more work... and we are stuck inside for the day. Sigh.

Maybe when Oliver goes down for his last little rest this afternoon, Julia and I will go out into our .0000000001 acre 'garden', push together some snow in the form of a snowman and call it a day.

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